If you love hanging miniature pots on the walls of your home, or you simply want to try being a miniature potted plant parent. Whatever your reason for purchasing wall planters, a small wall planter serves as home decor and wall decor and can also add to your indoor home garden. Green walls are all the rage, so we've compiled a list of the best wall planters. However, wall planters price, starting from Rs 215.06 to Rs 2,122.00

Types of Wall Planters 

Here below are the types of wall planters with essential information. 

3-In-1 Bamboo Wall Planter

Bamboo adds a beautiful accent to any wall, giving your space a rustic touch. Made by Trellis Bliss, a part of Trellis Horticulture International, this 3-in-1 planter is perfect for a small herb garden or as a wall hanging on your balcony with a few flowering plants. It has a wooden frame on which three bamboo planters hang, giving a lovely rustic look to the whole piece.

Macrame Wall Planters

A classic macrame piece by Sajke, a brand that makes truly quality home decor, this wall hanging adds some art and a potted plant to your wall. All you need is a nail in the wall to put this piece in place, and you have a piece of your wall covering.

"Lunar" Round Mounted Wall Planter In Violet

The 'Lunar' round wall planter is perfect for homes with a contemporary look. And we love that it comes in purple, a relatively unique color that you won't find on many wall planters. The metal body makes it a sturdy piece to hang and hold your pot; you can't just fill it with soil directly.

Cotton Strings - Macramé Plant Holder/Planter

It is washable, so you don't have to worry much about catching dust if you hang it on the balcony wall. It's a simple planter that holds any pot in place with sturdy cotton cord strings, but it still looks great wherever it's hung.

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